How Illinois’ Zero Tolerance Law Impacts Your DUI Case

Many people take their first sip of alcohol before they’re legally allowed to buy. In fact, many high school and college parties are full of people under twenty-one who are drinking. Unfortunately, some of those underage drinkers may decide to drive home for the night. Then, they’re stopped, and Illinois’ zero tolerance law comes into play.

If you’re an underage driver and you’ve been arrested for a DUI, speak with the lawyers at Chicago Trusted Attorneys™. We can help you navigate the impacts of zero tolerance laws and face your DUI case.

Illinois’ Zero Tolerance Law for Underage Drivers

As an underage driver, you’re expected to keep your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) at 0.0 percent. That means there should be no alcohol in your system at all if you’re under the legal limit. Unfortunately, a single beer or just a small amount of alcohol can put you over the legal limit as a younger driver.

If you fail a field sobriety test as an underage driver, it can hurt your future. Even refusing the test may only lead to a license suspension and more penalties. So what happens if you’re convicted of a DUI?

Penalties for an Underage DUI

You may be young, but that doesn’t mean you won’t face harsh penalties for a DUI. In Illinois, if you have any level of alcohol in your system, your license may be suspended for months. If this isn’t your first DUI conviction, you may lose your license for a year or more.

If you were over the legal limit of 0.08 percent, which is the limit for drivers over twenty-one, the penalties may worsen. You may even face up to a year in jail, and your license may be revoked, not just suspended.

A license revocation is more serious than a suspended license. While you’ll need to pay a fee to get your suspended license reinstated, a revocation means you’ve lost your license and will need to retake your driving exam when you’ve met any other requirements.

Check Out How a DUI Lawyer Can Help

When you’re accused of driving under the influence, it can impact your future in some harsh ways. You may have trouble recovering from those penalties and getting your license back, all over a few drinks you may not have even had.

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