How to Beat a Misdemeanor Drug Charge

One moment, you’re spending your day like normal. The next, you’ve been issued a warrant, pulled over, or arrested for drug-related charges. Although it may seem like “just a misdemeanor,” a conviction can impact your future for years. 

The lawyers at Chicago Trusted Attorneys™ are here to help. If you don’t know how to beat a misdemeanor drug charge in Chicago, reach out for help defending your case and getting your charges reduced or dropped.

Understanding Penalties for a Misdemeanor Drug Charge

When you’re accused of breaking the law, your first step is understanding the charges against you and how they can impact your life. Although a misdemeanor may not be as serious as a felony, it can still hurt your future and impact your life for years to come. 

For example, you may face financial hardships if you’re convicted of a misdemeanor. That fine can cost you thousands of dollars, which means financial insecurity. 

But it’s not just the debt that can affect your life. A misdemeanor may come with up to a year in jail, which can impact your employment options, housing opportunities, and family ties. 

Evidence for Your Defense 

The details of your defense will depend on the details of your drug charges. For example, you may have been searched by the police, who found drugs. If they searched you illegally, your lawyer could dispute the evidence and it could be thrown out. 

In other cases, you may dispute whether the drugs were yours. For example, you may have been borrowing a friend’s car or house sitting. Your drug lawyer can help you prove you couldn’t have known about the drugs and that they belong to someone else. 

Defend Your Case in Chicago Court with a Drug Lawyer

When you’re accused of drug-related crimes, even a misdemeanor can have a big impact on your future. Because of this, you may need help from the lawyers at Chicago Trusted Attorneys™. We can defend your case in the courtroom to get your charges reduced or dropped. To get started, reach out by calling 312-519-3171 or filling out the online contact form below.