What to Do if You’re Falsely Accused of a Crime

You may know for certain you didn’t commit the crimes you’re accused of. It can be insulting, frustrating, and, more than anything, it can be scary. Your future may be on the line for a crime you didn’t know about.

So what can you do if you’re falsely accused of a crime? The lawyers at Chicago Trusted Attorneys™ can step in to help. They have the tools to help you navigate the false accusation and get those charges dropped as soon as possible.

Talk to Your Lawyer

When you’re accused of a crime you didn’t commit, seeking out a legal defense may be your most important first step. While some may claim you have nothing to hide, your criminal defense lawyer can advise you on the next steps to take and how to protect yourself.

For example, the prosecution needs sufficient evidence just to take you to court for these criminal charges. Your lawyer can help you determine whether they have a strong case and what your next steps are.

Gather Evidence

If the prosecution has enough evidence against you, your criminal defense lawyer in Chicago can gather evidence that you were falsely accused. That may include determining your alibi for the date the crime was committed.

A strong alibi may include evidence that you couldn’t have committed the crimes. You may have proof, from eyewitnesses to tickets or receipts, that you couldn’t have been in the area when the crime was committed. Other evidence may include video footage and more.

Protect Your Defense

Part of protecting your case when you’re falsely accused of a crime is acting to build a strong defense. Because of this, there are a few things not to do when you’re accused of a crime.

For example, you shouldn’t have contact with the victims of the crime. You may be accused of further crimes, which will hurt your case. Tampering with or destroying evidence can also hurt your case. Without all the evidence you need, you may have a hard time defending your case.

Your criminal defense lawyer in Chicago can help you avoid making a mistake at this crucial time. They have the tools you need to wait for your trial and take the right steps to get your charges dropped.

Take the Right Steps to Protect Your Future

A false accusation can lead to real charges that hurt your future and your reputation. Luckily, the lawyers at Chicago Trusted Attorneys™ can help you fight those charges and get your life back on track. If you’re unsure what to do if you’re falsely accused of a crime, reach out for a consultation by calling 312-519-3171 or by completing the online contact form below.