What to Do when You’re Accused of Domestic Violence

An accusation of domestic violence carries tremendous weight on those who are having that finger pointed at them. There is a heavy stigma that comes with this accusation and it affects every aspect of your life, financial, professional, and personal. Those who are facing these charges deserve a legal team with extensive experience to provide their best defense

There has been an increase in domestic violence cases over the years. In the event an alleged victim involves police officers, an arrest will be made with or without all of the facts. Don’t let these accusations ruin your life, keep calm and call a skilled attorney knowledgeable in Illinois law. Contact Chicago Trusted Attorneys®  today to learn more about your options. 

What is Considered Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence is a criminal offense. You’ve broken the Illinois Domestic Violence law if you have committed any form of assault, battery, or act of violence towards your family or a household member. Violent crimes against relatives by blood, a spouse or ex-spouse, roommate, or other personal relations qualify.

Depending on the particular circumstances of the case, domestic violence can be charged as a felony or a misdemeanor. Abuse may include harassment, hitting, stalking, interfering with someone’s employment or healthcare needs, and forcing someone to perform acts against their will. 

Your First Steps After a Domestic Violence Accusation 

When you’re accused of domestic violence, your first step is to not panic or approach the accuser. You should instead focus on proving you weren’t at fault for the violence you’re being accused of. 

If you’re arrested for domestic violence, take care to say as little as possible to the police. Anything you say can be used against you, so it’s often better to allow your lawyer to speak for you before you say anything. 

This evidence can come from many sources. There may be a lack of physical evidence or medical records showing signs of domestic violence to your accuser, for example. Police reports can also help determine whether the abuse happened. 

Once your criminal trial date has arrived, let your lawyer represent you in the courtroom. Your attorney can present the evidence for your case and explain it to the court with the experience, tools, and skills they provide. This aid can help you reduce or dismiss the penalties completely. 

Minimize Your Risks

If you find yourself on the other end of accusations of domestic violence from an alleged victim, there are things you need to do to protect your chances for a successful outcome. Stay calm and far away from your accuser. Cooperate with police officers and respect any protective order put in place. 

Finally, contact legal assistance as soon as possible. Your lawyer can guide you through these steps and more. 

Protect Your Future With an Attorney

Charges of domestic violence follow you for a lifetime and can affect your job, your ability to see your children, and your reputation. Don’t risk your livelihood by calling just anyone, trust the legal experts at Chicago Trusted Attorneys® to make your defense our top priority. 

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