What to Expect from the Prosecutor

A prosecutor is a government lawyer who presents the case against someone accused of a crime. In essence, their goal is to prove that someone is guilty of a crime and punished appropriately.

There are actually several different kinds of prosecutors. For example, if a prosecutor works at the federal level, they are known as US attorneys. The President appoints US attorneys, and they have around 2,000 assistant federal prosecutors working under them.

A prosecutor will be known as a state attorney if they represent the state.

Beneath the state attorney is a district attorney in charge of prosecutions at the county level. If a crime happens in a rural area, it will be prosecuted by a county attorney.

It is also important to know that there are independent counsels whose work is to investigate and prosecute crimes committed by government officials. If you are arrested for any crime, it is important to have a criminal lawyer on your case to protect your rights.

Things to Expect from a Prosecutor

The work of a prosecutor is to ensure you serve a term of imprisonment or pay a fine. In some cases, they prosecute the right people, while in others, innocent people get convicted. A good example of this is a politically-motivated prosecution. However, do not worry because we are here to defend your rights.

What should you expect from a prosecutor?

Lowering the Burden of Proof

In a court of law, the plaintiff must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant is guilty. For the prosecutor to prove that you are guilty, certain legal standards must be proved, such as probable cause, reasonable suspicion, and clear and convincing evidence.

Sometimes the prosecutor convinces the court that you are guilty without meeting these legal standards to satisfy the burden of proof. However, do not worry, as we will ensure the legal standards are met.

Using Evidence of Innocence Against You

Another common strategy used by prosecutors is spinning the lack of evidence to try and convince the court that you are guilty. An example of evidence spinning is when you are charged with a DWI offense, but the cameras do not show you walking like an intoxicated person.

In this case, the prosecutor might try to argue that you do not behave intoxicated because you have high tolerance levels. Once again, you can rest assured that we will protect your rights.

Pretend They Care

This is the most common tactic that prosecutors use to get accused individuals to divulge more information to them. They will try to convince you that all they do is in your best interests. They might even try to convince you to accept a plea deal.

Get in Touch with a Criminal Attorney You Can Trust

When you are arrested for a crime, invoke the Fifth Amendment. If the police tell you to make a statement, only do so when you are with your lawyer to avoid self-incrimination.

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