Penalties for Gun Charges

When you’re facing gun charges, you may be concerned about your future. The penalties for gun charges can be difficult to overcome, and it can be difficult to recover after a conviction.

At Chicago Trusted Attorneys™, we know you may need help avoiding these penalties following your arrest. Your lawyer can help you build a criminal defense that works for your needs so you can avoid some or possibly even all of the following penalties.

Misdemeanors vs. Felony Gun Charges

When you’re facing gun charges, the details of your gun charges may impact the severity of the penalties. For example, some charges are considered a Class A misdemeanor, the least severe. The more severe the charges, the more likely you are to face felony charges.

But that doesn’t mean misdemeanor charges aren’t serious. You may face up to a year in jail, and the financial penalties may cost you thousands of dollars.

From there, the penalties may only get worse. For example, if you’re charged with a Class 4 felony, you may face up to up to three years in prison. You may also lose thousands of dollars in fines. Unfortunately, your charges may be worse, and it can be difficult to avoid these penalties without a lawyer on your side.

Long-Term Penalties for Gun Charges

The penalties for your gun charges won’t go away quickly. Even if you’ve completed your sentence, even if you’ve taken all the right steps, you may still face penalties because of the misdemeanor or felony on your record. Having a criminal record can impact your life in ways you may not have predicted and may be unprepared for.

For example, your criminal record may impact your ability to find employment and housing. Potential employers and landlords typically perform background checks, and your criminal record will show up on those checks. If they see this record, they may choose not to hire or rent to you.

You may also lose certain privileges if you’re convicted of gun charges. You may be unable to own a gun after your conviction, for example.

You may even have trouble if you face a family law issue. You may be seeking custody of your children, for example. During the proceedings, you may have trouble getting custody because you were convicted of a crime.

For all these reasons and more, fighting your charges now instead of accepting the penalties can protect your future.

Defend Your Future with a Lawyer

Being arrested on gun charges can be tough to fight, and the penalties may already look dire. By avoiding these penalties, you can protect your future, your family, and your finances. But you may not have the tools for a strong defense against these gun charges.

At Chicago Trusted Attorneys™, we can review your case and defend you when you’re facing serious future penalties. When you’re ready to seek counsel for your gun charges, reach out by calling 312-519-3171 or by filling out the online contact form on this page.