ID Theft Defense in Chicago

Identity theft can do some severe damage to the victim, and an accusation could ruin your future, too. Because the penalties for a conviction can be so high, it’s important to prepare a strong defense for your case. Unfortunately, that can be tough to do when you’ve been arrested and you don’t yet have a lawyer on your side. 

At Chicago Trusted Attorneys™, we know how important the right Chicago ID theft defense is for your future. That’s why we’re prepared to help you find the right defense for your claim.

No Intent to Steal

When you’re accused of stealing someone else’s identity, it may be a case of mistakenly using something you didn’t realize wasn’t yours. You may not have intended to steal anything, but it did happen. Now, though, your lack of intent may help you. 

ID theft is defined by an intent to cause harm. For example, someone who uses another person’s credit card information to buy things without paying for them is committing fraud. Someone who mixes up their credit card with another person’s by mistake may not be acting so maliciously, and you may be able to use that in your favor. 

Consent to Use Information

When you use someone else’s information, it’s not always without their knowledge. In some cases, you may have had the other person’s information for a reason, and they knew about it. Unfortunately, that may not look different from identity theft to a police officer. 

Because of this, your Chicago ID theft lawyer may focus on the fact that you had permission at the time. While that may have changed later, at the time you may have been using that information for the person with their knowledge. 

Talk to a Chicago Identity Theft Lawyer about Your Defense

Identity theft is taken seriously, but not every case involving someone else’s information is ID theft in Chicago. Because of this, you need to understand your best defense and take action on your case. 

At Chicago Trusted Attorneys™, we’re ready to fight back when you’re accused of identity theft. If someone claims you tried to steal their identity, our Chicago criminal defense lawyers can help you build a case and represent your case in court. We want to help our clients protect their future when they’re accused of a crime. 

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