How to Expunge a Criminal Record in Illinois

When you’re accused of a crime, you could face harsh penalties and long-term losses because of a conviction. Worse, your criminal record will follow you, which makes getting housing and a job difficult, even if you’ve served your sentence and paid your fines.

Instead of living with your record, you have a chance to fight back and get your record sealed or destroyed. Your lawyer from Chicago Trusted Attorneys™ knows how to expunge a criminal record in Illinois, and your lawyer can help you avoid penalties. 

Legal Requirements to Expunge a Criminal Record in Illinois 

Not everyone can get an expungement from a crime. Typically, you’ll have to meet certain requirements before you’re able to do that. Talking to an Illinois criminal defense lawyer can help you determine whether you’re eligible before you fill out the paperwork for an expungement. 

If you’ve been accused of a crime but weren’t convicted of that crime, you may be eligible for expungement in certain cases. Pardons, dismissals, and other situations can also lead to an expungement. 

However, not everyone who’s had their case dismissed is eligible for an expungement. Some offenses cannot be expunged, and convictions often can’t be expunged. Because of this, you typically need to fight your case with an Illinois defense attorney first rather than seeking an expungement after the fact.

Cannabis Law Changes and Your Expungement

Many Illinois residents are now in a different position to have their criminal record cleared. If you were charged under the Cannabis Control Act for less than 30 grams of marijuana, your case may be expunged automatically. For those with convictions or charges dealing with larger amounts of cannabis, there’s still hope, too. 

Our firm is working hard to get the criminal records of residents charged with weed-related offenses cleared. You may be eligible in most cases of marijuana-related charges, as long as they weren’t in connection with a violent crime. Even a conviction may be pardoned with the help of an expungement lawyer in Illinois. 

Take Care of Your Criminal Record with an Illinois Defense Attorney

When you’re accused of breaking the law, you may find yourself struggling to deal with the aftermath of the accusation. Even if your case was ultimately dismissed, you may still be penalized for your case. That doesn’t mean you’re out of options, though. 

You may be eligible for expungement, but you may be unsure how to expunge a criminal record in Illinois. Fortunately, your lawyer from Chicago Trusted Attorneys™ can help you take your case to court and fight to get your records removed. 

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