How Do I Get My Seized Property Back?

When you’re arrested, you may come home to find a lot of your things missing. Cars, valuables, and even real estate may be taken during a criminal investigation. You may be concerned about getting that property returned to you following the criminal case ending.

You may have options to get your seized property back. At Chicago Trusted Attorneys™, our defense lawyers are here to help you work to get your important assets returned following an Illinois criminal trial.

Why Did the Police Take My Property?

Police have the opportunity to seize certain property when someone is on trial for a crime in a process called asset forfeiture. In some cases, this property may be used as evidence against you in the courtroom. For example, the police may have found alleged evidence of drug manufacturing in your home, or you may own a gun that matches the type used in a crime.

But asset forfeiture isn’t always fair. You may not have committed a crime, and you may have been found not guilty. Even after this, it can be difficult to get your property back on your own. Many police departments use forfeited property and funds as revenue, which makes it more difficult to get your property back.

Your Options for Getting Your Property Back

That doesn’t mean it’s impossible to get your property back from the police, but it can be difficult without help. Thousands of people face asset forfeiture every year, and it can involve paperwork and trial proceedings. A mistake on either can lead to a longer time getting your property returned, or you may even be denied your property.

That’s why you may need to speak with a lawyer before you pursue your taken property. Your lawyer has experience with law enforcement, which means they know what property you can pursue and potentially have returned to you. They can help you seek part or all the vehicles, funds, and real estate the police may have seized.

Get a Lawyer’s Help in Returning Seized Property

When your property has been seized by the state, it’s not always easy to get it back. In some cases, it may be impossible, depending on whether the property was legal to own. And even for property that was legally yours, it can still be tough to get your property back.

That’s where the lawyers at Chicago Trusted Attorneys™ can step in. We have the experience with the police you need for a better chance at getting your property returned. Ready to learn more? Reach out by calling 312-519-3171 or by completing the online contact form below.