Chicago Jail Release Lawyer

When you’ve been arrested, getting out and getting started on your case is vital. When you’re arrested, you’ll need a Chicago lawyer to step in and get you out.

Being accused of a crime is already a major setback. You’re now dealing with a criminal trial, but not before you’re arrested, booked, and left in a cell for a while. That’s not just scary and upsetting—that’s traumatic. 

You’ll need to get out and get started on your case, which is where a Chicago jail release lawyer can step in. At Chicago Trusted Attorneys, we don’t want to see our clients stuck in jail and unable to deal with their situation. That’s why we’re determined to help you get out of jail now. 

How the Booking Process Works

When you’re first arrested, whether that’s because of an arrest warrant or because of an incident an officer witnessed, you’ll first be taken to the police station. This process can be public, which can be humiliating if you’re not prepared. They may arrest you at any time if there’s a warrant out for your arrest.

Once you arrive at the police station, your information will be put in the system through a process called booking. Your necessary information will be put in the computer. If you remember seeing movies and TV shows where police take the suspect’s fingerprints, you may have some idea what booking looks like. 

Once they have your information, you’ll be taken to a cell, where you’ll stay while the information is processed. When they’re finished, your bail will be posted. Fortunately, your Chicago Trusted Attorney can help your family and friends understand the bail process, leaving you with as little time waiting in jail as possible. 

Illinois Bail Bonds and Pretrial Release

Your bail is essentially a promise that you’ll be present at your trial when the time comes. If you fail to do so, you could lose the money put aside for bail. The judge may also put out a bench warrant, which is a warrant issued only by judges for those who failed to appear in court. 

When you’ve been arrested in Chicago, you’ll need to talk to your lawyer about preparing your bail, providing it at the right time, and maximizing the time you have between your arrest and your trial. Speak to your jail release lawyer about preparing your bail and making sure your bail is posted. 

Get a Chicago Lawyer’s Help for Jail Release

Many people in Chicago are left in their cells for longer than necessary because of their bail. They didn’t have the resources or guidance needed to get them out of jail at a reasonable time. 

That’s why you need to seek out a lawyer from Chicago Trusted Attorneys now, not later. If there’s a warrant out for your arrest, there’s an even better chance of a public arrest and a long wait in jail. Reach out to your lawyer now if you’re worried about taking action and getting released from jail as soon as possible. 

When you’re ready to act now on your bail, contact your Chicago jail release lawyer. Give us a call at 312-519-3171, or fill out the online form below to get started.