Aggravating Factors in Domestic Battery Cases

A big fight in the family can lead to serious legal issues. You may have been arrested and accused of domestic battery already. Worse, you may have been accused of aggravated domestic battery.

When this happens, you need to understand the aggravating factors impacting your domestic battery case. If you’re concerned about the severity of your case, reach out to the criminal defense lawyers at Chicago Trusted Attorneys™ to learn more about your situation and your options.

What Are Aggravating Factors?

When you’re involved in a domestic battery case, you may have heard law enforcement officers or lawyers discussing aggravating factors in your case. But what does that mean for you?

Generally, aggravating factors are details that worsen the severity of the charges. For example, domestic battery is already a serious accusation in Illinois. Being accused of worsening the situation can lead to more severe charges.

Domestic battery is already a Class A misdemeanor, which can lead to up to a year in jail, along with fines. If you’re charged with aggravated domestic battery, you may be facing felony charges.

Examples of Aggravating Factors in Domestic Battery Cases

Misdemeanor charges are already serious and may require a lawyer’s help to fight. Now, you may need to know what to expect and what counts as aggravating factors for your case.

You may be charged with aggravated domestic battery if you have prior convictions on your criminal record. If you’ve been charged with domestic battery before, or if you’ve been accused of certain other domestic violence charges, you may have more severe penalties connected to a conviction.

That means you may face a longer prison sentence, depending on the severity of your case. For example, if you’re charged with a Class 4 felony, you may face one to three years in prison.

Defenses in Domestic Battery Cases

When you’re accused of such severe crimes, you may need to speak with a lawyer about your options. Your lawyer can help you make decisions about your case based on its details.

For example, you may have evidence that you weren’t home at the time your spouse or family member accused you of domestic battery. Your lawyer may try to get the charges dismissed by proving you couldn’t have been there at the time.

Every case comes with different evidence and details. Luckily, that means your lawyer can tailor your defense to your domestic battery case. Speak with your lawyer about determining your best defense.

Reduce Your Domestic Battery Charges with a Lawyer’s Help

When you’re accused of harming a family member or romantic partner, the penalties can be worse than you expect. You may be accused of aggravated domestic battery, which may have more severe penalties.

Here’s the good news—the lawyers at Chicago Trusted Attorneys™ want to help reduce or dismiss the charges against you. Our lawyers are ready to discuss your case when you call 312-519-3171 or fill out the online contact form below.