Aggravated Battery in Illinois

Being arrested for battery can already come with harsh penalties that may affect your life moving forward. Worse, you might be facing higher penalties because you were accused of not just battery, but aggravated battery in Illinois. 

That’s a serious charge, and it’s one that may take a strong defense to be challenged, reduced, or dismissed. You may need to speak to the lawyers at Chicago Trusted Attorneys™ now to get the help you need to dispute your Illinois charges. 

What Defines Aggravated Battery? 

When you’re accused of a criminal offense, it’s important to first understand what those charges mean. First, battery on its own refers to the act of physically attacking someone. For example, if you’re in a fight or were accused of hitting someone, you might be charged with battery

Aggravated battery means that something happened to escalate the situation, often by the level of harm done. For example, if the other person lost sight in one eye or suffered a severe concussion, you might be charged with aggravated battery. 

Other reasons for an aggravated battery charge might include the age of the victim, if they were over sixty or a minor. You could also be charged if you’re accused of using a dangerous substance or weapon. Caustic or flammable substances can do even more harm than a fist, so if these substances were involved, as an example, your charges might be higher. 

Penalties for Aggravated Battery in Illinois

If you’re charged with aggravated battery, you’re already facing higher penalties for your case than you would for battery. Simple battery is only a Class A misdemeanor, which is still serious, but not as impactful. Aggravated battery, however, is at least a Class 3 felony in Illinois. Other factors can increase it to a Class 1 felony. 

If you’re convicted of a Class 3 felony, you can expect at least two years in prison, but that can be as high as five years, plus a hefty $25,000 fine. If you’re given an extended term, you might be in prison for up to ten years just for a Class 3 felony.

That sentence can haunt you long after you’ve finished your prison sentence and returned to your life. That’s why we stress that you seek out an attorney first, rather than facing these harsh penalties now. 

Seek Out an Illinois Battery Lawyer for Help

If you’ve been accused of bringing severe harm to another person, it can be tough to face your charges. You’re facing serious penalties, and those penalties can leave you struggling to recover from your case. Fortunately, you don’t have to face charges of aggravated battery in Illinois without help. 

At Chicago Trusted Attorneys™, we understand that you’re dealing with a severe charge that can affect your future. That’s why we’re focused on building the strong defense you need. When you’re future is on the line, you need to act now to take control of your life and your criminal case. 

Ready to build your defense? The right attorneys can make a difference. If you’re not sure where to begin, reach out for the help you need through a consultation. Begin by giving us a call at 312-519-3171, or you can fill out the online form below for more information.