Attempted Murder Charges in Illinois

Accusations of attempted murder are a serious concern. A conviction could mean fines that could impact your financial life, and more importantly, your prison sentence could be decades long. 

Understanding your charges and what penalties you could face in the future may help you focus on your case. Your lawyer from Chicago Trusted Attorneys™ can help you deal with your attempted murder charges in Illinois, and they may be able to help you reduce the penalties of a conviction or dismiss the charges. 

Penalties for Attempted Murder

Attempted murder is one of the more serious legal situations you can find yourself in, depending on the degree of your charges. For example, attempted first-degree murder is a Class X felony. That’s the highest type of felony you could receive. 

For attempted murder, you’ll face hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines, but the biggest issue is your prison sentence. You could be facing up to eighty years in prison for a first-degree murder attempt, if you’re convicted. Even second-degree attempted murder could mean more than a decade in prison for you. 

An Illinois attempted murder lawyer could mean the difference between a significant portion of your life in prison and the dismissal of those charges. If you’re worried about attempted murder charges, reach out for help before your trial. 

Long-Term Effects of an Attempted Murder Conviction

Your losses don’t stop there. If you’re convicted of attempted murder, the rest of your life could be impacted by that conviction. You could face a prison sentence that means the rest or much of your life will be spent behind bars, but even lesser sentences can have huge impacts. 

Your family may be especially affected. Your criminal record may bar you from certain jobs, and many landlords will run a background check on you. Convicted felons may find it difficult to get the housing they need in the areas they need it. 

It’s not just your financial and housing situation that will be affected, though. If your spouse decides to leave you and take full custody of your children, you may not have grounds to fight back. The judge may rule that it’s in the child’s best interests to be placed in a home without you. 

The worst part may be that you’re stuck with these charges if you’re convicted. Your criminal record won’t go away, and you won’t be able to expunge a conviction. That’s why you need to fight your Illinois attempted murder charges today, not later. 

Contact an Illinois Attempted Murder Lawyer

If you’ve been accused of attempted murder, you could be facing felony charges, which could change your life. Worse, it can be tough to fight for yourself. You may need help getting those charges dismissed. 

Attempted murder charges may mean you need a lawyer from Chicago Trusted Attorneys™ on your side. We know what penalties you could be facing because of these charges, and we know what defenses you could use to fight back and maybe get those charges dropped. 

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