Do Misdemeanors Show Up on Background Checks?

When you’re accused of a crime, it may seem pretty minor. A misdemeanor shouldn’t hurt your future too much, right?

A misdemeanor may hurt you more than you realize, leaving you struggling to recover from the charges. If you’ve been accused of a misdemeanor, don’t wait. Contact a lawyer from Chicago Trusted Attorneys™ to learn more about how a misdemeanor on your background check can hurt your future, and what you can do about it.

What Shows Up on a Criminal Background Check?

The short answer is, yes, a misdemeanor conviction will show up on a background check. Even if you served your time and completed all parts of your sentence, a potential employer or landlord will still see this conviction on your record.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to remove your criminal record. It may be impossible to expunge certain charges from your Illinois criminal record, leaving you with a lifelong record.

Criminal Records Can Hurt Your Future

That record can hurt your chances to improve your life in many different ways. As mentioned, your criminal record will show up on a background check, which may be used in employment proceedings, leasing, loans, and other financial cases.

Your criminal record may prevent you from working in certain fields. Even a misdemeanor may make working in your preferred field difficult. For example, you may have had your commercial drivers license revoked. You may have to take a less-specialized job or choose another field to work in.

All these things can make it difficult to pursue a better life and improve your situation. Because of this, it’s important to fight back against these charges. You don’t have to accept them right away—you have an opportunity to defend your future with a criminal defense.

Fight a Misdemeanor with Help from Your Lawyer

When you’re accused of breaking the law, accepting the penalties can do more damage than you may realize. Even a misdemeanor will show up on background checks, making it tough to overcome the conviction on your record.

Because of this, it’s important to act now and get help from a lawyer at Chicago Trusted Attorneys™. If you’re facing criminal charges, fighting back now can help you avoid these penalties later. We’re ready to discuss your case when you call 312-519-3171 or complete the online contact form below.