Chicago Juvenile Defense Lawyer

If your child has been arrested, they need help recovering from the charges and avoiding harsh penalties. Contact a lawyer at Chicago Trusted Attorneys who can help with juvenile defense.

Dealing with an arrest personally can already be stressful, embarrassing, and scary. Knowing that your child has been arrested and that it can affect their future can be even more upsetting. We all want to help our children have a bright future, which makes an arrest and trial especially difficult.  

That’s why you may need a Chicago juvenile defense lawyer. Protect your child’s chance at a bright future by calling the lawyers at Chicago Trusted Attorneys. We can help you build a defense for your child and we understand their case. 

Penalties for Chicago Juvenile Offenses

Because your child is a minor, the penalties they face may not be as severe as what an adult would be charged with. Illinois is focused on protecting juvenile offenders from harsh penalties while also enforcing responsibility and community safety.

However, that doesn’t mean that your child will not face penalties. The penalties they’ll face will depend on their age and the severity of the charges. In some cases, though, they could be facing time in a detention center if convicted. 

Other penalties may include being placed in the custody of a probation officer, “boot camp” in a correctional center, or enforced treatment for drug addiction. These penalties can last until your child turns twenty-one, putting some strain on your family. 

Going to Court with Your Child 

When your child is accused of a criminal offense, they’ll have a day in juvenile court. They’ll be tried in a similar way that an adult would. There will be evidence, hearings, and statements from the lawyers on either side. 

The major difference is that you’ll be able to attend the trial, as well as a lawyer for your child. Because they are a minor, they will be unable to represent themselves. Fortunately, your Chicago lawyer can sometimes help you reduce or dismiss your child’s case. 

You and your child’s lawyer may gather evidence defending your child’s innocence. For example, if they were accused of theft, you may have proof that they were not in the same area during the alleged theft. If you’re not sure what evidence could help your child’s case, reach out for help for your child’s defense. 

Contact a Juvenile Defense Attorney in Chicago

If your child has been accused of committing a crime, you may need help defending them in court. While the penalties may not be as harsh for juvenile offenders as they are for adults, it can still hurt their long-term future. 

Fortunately, that’s where a juvenile defense lawyer can help. At Chicago Trusted Attorneys, we understand how difficult it can be to deal with your child’s criminal case. That’s why we’re focused on helping families. We’ll review your case with you and your child and help you build the defense your child needs. 

Struggling with your child’s case? Reach out for help from a Chicago juvenile defense lawyer. Begin by calling 312-519-3171 or by filling out the online form below.