Illinois DUI under 21: Consequences

A DUI arrest before you’re 21 is a serious offense, and it could hurt you in the long run. Unfortunately, you may have been arrested for a DUI, and now you and your family are struggling to deal with your case in criminal court

If you’ve been arrested for an Illinois DUI under age 21, what consequences can you expect? Sadly, it can get expensive and burdensome fast, so reach out to the lawyers at Chicago Trusted Attorneys™ to help you understand those penalties and avoid a conviction. 

Penalties for Your License

If you’ve been accused of an underage DUI, one of the first major effects you’ll feel will be the loss of your license. If you’re convicted of a DUI, your license will be suspended for months, depending on whether this is your first offense or if there were any factors that make your case more serious. 

Even refusing to take a sobriety test can hurt your case. All drivers give implied consent to be tested, which could lead to your license being taken away if you refuse. If you want to protect your license, acting now to defend yourself is important. 

Fines and Court Costs

When you’re convicted of a criminal offense like a DUI, there’s a good chance you’re facing hefty fines and other financial penalties for your case. Those financial penalties could make it tough to recover, and they could leave you in debt. 

If you’re unable to make payments on your fines, it could affect your financial future. That debt adds up, and you could have liens placed on you. That means the court has a claim to your property and your money, which could do long-term damage to your life. 

Insurance Penalties

Those aren’t the only financial penalties you could face, though. As a driver, you’ll need to have insurance to stay on the road in Illinois. However, insurance companies may not be keen on insuring someone with a DUI on their record. 

Your insurance company may make your coverage unaffordable, or the company may end their contract with you. That leaves you to figure out your insurance plan on your own, and it could mean taking less coverage for a higher premium. That only adds to your financial woes, all before you’re old enough to legally drink. 

Fighting Underage DUI Consequences in Illinois

If you’ve been pulled over and arrested for drinking and driving, you may be in an especially difficult position because you’re underage. Illinois drivers accused of a DUI under 21 could face major consequences that may be difficult to avoid or minimize later in life. 

Fortunately, you have an opportunity to fight back with a lawyer from Chicago Trusted Attorneys™ on your side. Our attorneys can help you take action when you’re accused of a DUI, and we can help underage drivers protect their finances, their licenses, and their futures. 

If you’re defending yourself against an Illinois DUI, seek help, starting with a consultation. Call 312-519-3171, or complete the online contact form below.